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  • Stress

    AIRO helps you become proactive about stress. It measures heart rate variability, the aggregate response of your autonomic nervous system, derived from heart rate, to measure the smallest fluctuations in your stress levels. AIRO can not only warn you as your stress levels rise but can also provide recommendations as to how best to deal with it. Over time, AIRO gets smarter by learning what calms you and what doesn't.

  • Sleep

    We spend a third of our lives sleeping but we know very little about it. AIRO tracks your circadian rhythm and can see distinct sleep cycles. It'll wake you up at the optimum time and will let you know how much of your night's sleep was restorative.

  • Exercise

    It's no secret that living an active lifestyle can lead to a long and healthy life. Airo keep track of the number of calories your body burns throughout the day.

  • Nutrition

    We all know the importance of eating right, but keeping track of what we eat takes too much effort. Airo is able to automatically track both the calories you consume. With a built in spectrometer, Airo uses different wavelengths of light to detect nutrients released into the bloodstream as they are broken down during and after your meals.

The Stress Tracker

Our first product is a Stress Tracker, an armband that passively tracks the changes in your nervous system to calculate your stress levels.

It also learns how your body responds to digestion, exercise, and sleep - which means that it will be able to report, in a few months time:

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